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Creating Clear and Concise Goals

Of course, goal setting is an important success principle but on its own, goal setting is not enough. You need to go a step further to set clear goals. Clarity of goals will help you to keep tabs on them but the importance of conciseness of the goals can never be overstated. If your goals …Read more »

Don’t Stand in the Middle of Nowhere in Your Business Decision Making

Having a specific position in your business decision helps you to achieve your targeted goal that will take your business a notch higher. Most failures in business result from standing in the middle of nowhere. In his book “’Decide’ The Ultimate Success Trigger”. Jim Palmer pointed out the importance of ‘Decision’ in achieving success. However, …Read more »

How to Stop Dream-Killing Negative Thoughts

Some many people kill their dreams or stand in the way of making their dreams come true. They may not know it and they may blame a lot of other things for it. It comes down to two words, “What If”. These two words prevent most people from chasing and achieving their dreams. When you …Read more »

Don’t Forget to Say “NO”

Some important decisions have to be made in business to take it to a higher pedestal. Some of the new business decision making could be very vital to making your plan work or to achieve your dream business goals. However, you must realize that there is always something to let go in order to achieve …Read more »

Addressing Entrepreneurial Fatigue

Every entrepreneur out there works with one key objective; to have the best system and optimize profitability of his venture. Achieving this demands extra dedication, focus, and longer working hours that bring about fatigue. This fatigue can work against every structure you have installed and even bring down investment. Here are some useful tips for …Read more »

Risking So Much For Your Business

For casino entrepreneurs, the notion of how much they are willing to take does not arise. They appreciate the fact that the higher the risk they take, the better the rewards. Therefore, how much should you take the business risk? Think of the current position in relation to where you want the enterprise to be …Read more »

The Best Methods Of Addressing Business Resistance

The moment you decide to start an entrepreneurial venture should mark two very important things; need for progressing growth, and addressing the obstacles. Every moment in an entrepreneurial venture should be considered an opportunity to make great improvements through the use of technology, improving skills, and working with expert coaches. However, these efforts will only …Read more »

Moving Your Business To The Next Level With Palmer’s Dream Business TV

Jim Palmer’s strongest selling proposition is ensuring that you get out, start the venture of your dream, and keep adding value and moving your business to the next level. By adopting multiple platforms, it is easy to reach multiple clients and take the business message to them. After starting the initial videos, Jim realized that …Read more »

Stop Waiting and Build A Customer Base Success With Technology

The moment Rosemary Nickel started her Mom Radio, everything looked monumental. She could have taken longer like a lot of friends advised. However, when she decided to seek help from experts in entrepreneurship and others already in business, everything became easier, realistic, and enjoyable when she started. She particularly used her visit to other shows …Read more »

How Giving Away Money Builds Raving Clients

As an entrepreneur, you can only be assured of long-term success by building stronger relationships. Giving away money demonstrates that you value clients and can go to great lengths to embolden the relationship. Often, clients come complaining even when they know that they are in the wrong. For example, even when a client connects electronics …Read more »

How Consistency Sets A Business On The Road To Success

To become successful in a business venture, it is prudent to be very consistent. Once you conceptualize the specific area of interest, put all efforts towards setting the systems right. For some entrepreneurs, this means hiring a professional business coach to get the additional skills. You should also identify the right platform that will provide …Read more »

Why Preparing For Presentation In Conferences Yields More To Entrepreneurs

Look at your venture and imagine the next level of growth and success. Now, one way of achieving this is through making presentations in conferences and seminars. During such conferences, the attendants are looking for top minds and will want to connect with your business immediately. Most of them will take your profile and connect …Read more »