Don’t Stand in the Middle of Nowhere in Your Business Decision Making

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Having a specific position in your business decision helps you to achieve your targeted goal that will take your business a notch higher. Most failures in business result from standing in the middle of nowhere. In his book “’Decide’ The Ultimate Success Trigger”.

Jim Palmer pointed out the importance of ‘Decision’ in achieving success. However, deciding not to decide is also a form of a decision but it is obviously not the right decision to make if you intend to take your business to a greater level. You need to take a specific stance in your business decision making. It has to be either a “yes” or “no” decision. The back burner “maybe” is indeed a death sentence that can send your business a thousand mile backward. You need to avoid it and take appropriate steps to make a clear and specific decision. This is a very important success principle whether you are making a personal or business decision.

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