Importance of Customer Retention: Dating After Marriage

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Find out more about customer retention by visiting this site: The importance of customer retention cannot be reiterated further in building your dream business. One of the biggest challenges new entrepreneurs’ faces is the inability to get new customers. It is so easy to lose ten customers than it is to gain one. Even corporations spend billions marketing old products to old customers. Why? They understand that retaining a customer means continuous cash flow from them for a very long time to come. The importance of customer retention is based on the fact that they will refer your dream business to others.

Now here is what most people do: ordinarily businesses put up nice behaviors when hunting for customers. They will talk nicely; offer them great refreshments, make them feel comfortable and so on just like in dating. In dating the pursuer relentlessly put up his best tricks to woo a love interest. They call regularly, send some flowers at her office, reply to her messages quickly or even sing for her. However, once she gives in the narrative changes completely. The attention is shifted to other issues.

Similarly, building a dream business can be likened to dating. In the early days of the business it’s all about making the customer feel appreciated as you woo them. But all the attention is shifted to new customers once you have them locked in. You should never do that in your dream business. It is very important to maintain a strong and continuous personal relationship with your customers.

In a sense, you should continue dating even after marriage. That way the customer will feel as an important person/contributor in your dream business. There are a number of ways you can make your customer feel better such as giving gifts, making them comfortable as they shop, talking to them nicely etc.

In the end you deserve success and it’s very important to really consider the importance of customer retention in running of your business.

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