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Never Say You Can’t: Be A Leader

As a leader, everyone looks up to you for direction and instruction. In many cases, as a business person, you will be forced and required to lead your team to achieve some goals that you have set. As a leader, one rule you should always play by is never to say you can’t. Saying you …Read more »

Business Success Tips: You Deserve Success

Learn the secrets to a successful dream business by going here: http://www.getjimpalmer.com. Success in business should not be for other people but everyone who believes. It’s not easy letting go of our past failures or inadequacies and accepting that you can also build a dream business. Of course, you have gone through a lot in …Read more »

How to be Successful in Business? What Separates the Top 1%

Learn what’re the Keys to success in business by visiting this website: http://www.getjimpalmer.com. When you consider keys to success in business or successful business people, you realize that the top cream has separated themselves from rest of the people. They don’t think like the rest of the people. They are confident in what they do …Read more »

How to Stay Focused on Your Goals: Are You Prepared to Say No

In life, there is always something new that will come up. This means that you will always be tempted into going with the flow and doing something else aside from that which you ought to be. While there are many things that may come up to distract, often referred to as the shiny object syndrome, …Read more »